What is PRACSE?


PRACSE (PRACtical aspects of SEcurity) is an annual event organized by Prof. Tassos Dimitriou. PRACSE provides a forum for continued activity in the area, allowing the interaction between security researchers and professionals and gives attendees the opportunity to network with experts in the field. The workshop is a yearly event blending together tutorials, keynote presentations and ongoing work, focusing on issues related to important properties of systems and business security, however, with an emphasis on practical aspects of security.


A subordinate goal of PRACSE is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry who are working on the security of cryptographic protocols and systems in order to engage in a discussion about common goals, research directions, it’s applications to networking, electronic commerce, software engineering, or just to get an introduction to some of the fundamental issues in this field. Presentations reporting on cutting-edge research results are supplemented by invited talks and tutorials on timely and important topics.


Further evidence to the importance of PRACSE is given by its list of eminent academics and professionals who regularly participate. For more information on past PRACSE events and keynote speakers please visit the links below:


PRACSE2010 John Viega
PRACSE2009 Prof. Dieter Gollmann
PRACSE2008 INA Academy, Prof. Tassos Dimitriou
PRACSE2007 Prof. Bart Preneel
PRACSE2006 Philip R. Zimmermann